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  • 07 Nov 2014
  • 8:00 PM
  • 09 Nov 2014
  • 6:00 PM
  • Hotel La Ciminiera, Localita Pertuso 35, Cantalupo Ligure, (AL) 15060, Italy
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Base fee:
  • includes Tuition, accommodation and meals at the Ciminiera (shared bedrooms with 2-3 beds)
  • includes Tuition, accommodation and meals at the Ciminiera (shared bedrooms with 2-3 beds)

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What is Actor's Lab? What is theatre, if not a model, a re-creation, of our existence in the world. And what is an actor, if not a fully realised character, right in the truth of the moment. And what about an actor who is a Sahaja Yogi? A Sahaja Yogi actor, is an instrument to play in God's drama, creating conditions in which members of the audience can feel their own spirit.

Who is this training for? It is for all those who want to experience and explore what theatre is, and especially theatre after self-realization; for all those who are studying and working in the performing arts, education, or for whom communication is an important part of what they do. In short, for anybody who seriously wants to get to know this composite art form and the TEV approach.

How do we  spread our awakened energy? How do we move and interact with others? How do we use words? How do we fully transform into a character, truthfully and emotionally yet remain connected and able to witness? How do we get our very important message across? 

We will be exploring the following elements

  • Silence before sound: connection and attention
  • The body as an instrument: letting the poetic language of your body speak
  • Earth, sky, partner; the basic axes for acting.
  • Don't take yourself too seriously! develop the power to improvise
  • The sparkle of innocence in the clown
  • Building a character: finding truth and honesty on stage 

Classes will be held in the hangar which will be heated.
Meditation on the Saturday evening will be in Shri Mataji's Living room in the Castle in Cabella. Transport: a  free minibus shuttle will be available.


Graduated from the Conservatiore National Des Arts Du Cirque Et Du Mime in Paris and furthered her studies at the renowned Ecole International De Theatre Jacques Lecoq and Laboratoire d'Etude du Mouvement specializing in Clown, Bouffon and Comedia del'Árte. She directed TEV's first production Moliére's The Imaginary Invalid in 1996 and has directed and trained actors in her homeland ever since. 

Began her training in classical ballet at the National Academy in Rome. She furthered her studies in dance theatre with Merce Cunningham, Mischa Van Hoek and for six years studied Martha Graham technique with Elsa Piperno and Joseph Fontana at Teatro Danza Contemporaneo in Rome. A founding member of Theatre of Eternal Values, Monia works as a teacher, director, actress, choreographer and author. She is Head of Theatre Arts at the Artes Academy in Alessandria, Italy where she has taught since 1994 and has devised theatre workshops and productions in educational, social and corporate environments. Over the past two years she has also taught theatrical expression to children with disabilities Marie Curie Institute in Menton. She is the founding director of the International Nirmal Arts Academy and co-artistic director of the Culture of the Spirit Festival. She has written several stage adaptations such as the Mahabaratha, the Ramayana and the Divine Comedy. Her most recent work Shakespeare's Women was premiéred at the Rome Festival Fringe in 2014.

A London-born actor, singer/songwriter and educator. After gradiuating in theatre studies at the University of East Anglia he moved to Italy where under Shri Mataji's guidance and inspiration he co-founded Theatre of Eternal Values an international theatre company which has toured across Europe, India, US, Turkey and China. He created the musical adaptations of original poems by William Blake, taken from the work Songs of Innocence and of Experience, and has performed them in venues and festivals in Europe and the US. Some of the adaptations form part of the theatre production Eternity in an Hour, first staged at the International Arts Festival 2008 in Helsinki, and thereafter in concerts in Italy, Switzerland, Turkey and the US, as well as at the New York International Fringe Theatre Festival del 2010. In 2013, Victor performed in Lucca at the World Council of UNESCO CLUBS and again in China in October. Since 2008, he has been joint artistic director of the Culture of the Spirit Festival.

Where are we?

La Ciminiera

15th July Life Eternal Trust (UK) acquired a lovely property very near to Cabella‎ which was made possible by a substantial private donation.  TEV has been generously invited to use the  considerable indoor and outdoor space for sleeping accommodation and its arts activities. In fact it was HQ for the Nirmal Arts Academy this summer and we hope to have several weekend workshops in the coming months.


ALL-INCLUSIVE  includes Tuition, accommodation and meals at the Ciminiera  (shared bedrooms with 2-3 beds) 

ADULTS over 25 years: € 200,00 *

YUVAS: € 180,00 *


ADULTS over 25 years: € 120,00 *

YUVAS: € 100,00 *

* TEV membership is obligatory:  € 30,00 valid for 12 months for anyone over 18 years. For example, an Adult non member will pay € 200 + € 30 = € 230. While an adult who already has membership (ie who attended Summer Nirmal Arts Academy) will pay € 200,00

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